Can I use the Foundation's code in my closed-source application?

Yes, in most cases, code maintained by the Foundation is licensed under the LGPL with a static linking exception. This license gives you the explicit right to link our libraries with closed-source applications (as well as open source applications).

Can I use the Foundation's code in my commercial application?

Yes. You may use the Foundation's libraries in your commercial application as long as you resubmit any changes you might make to the respective source repositories.

Can I use pieces of the Foundation's code in my non-LGPL library or application?

If you include any Foundation's code in your closed source works, these become derived works, and must be licensed under the LGPL. The LGPL does make an exception for header files.

Why does the Foundation use the LGPL and not a more liberal license like BSD?

We believe in community before software, and in our experience the LGPL is the right license to build the most successful community around this technology.

What about people or firms who will not or cannot use the LGPL?

They are free to choose any of the dozens of alternative products, or build their own.