General Guidelines

  • think before you post
  • topics should be focused around the development of, integration of CIF and a-like technologies
  • we reserve the right to kick anyone off the list for these reasons or any other reason deemed by the moderators / community at-large*

Vendor Engagement

  • vendors ARE more than welcome, ultimately we want integration, this is how we train you to be better
  • NO sales pitches for non-open source, freely available software unless it's directly relevant to CIF or CIF integration.
  • vendors SHALL NOT compare their products to another in this forum (you have a website; you may do it there)
  • vendors that leverage the CIF community as a means for "cold-calling" it's members, at the discretion of the moderators will be banned and publicly flogged.
  • the best way to engage as a vendor, commit fixes, enhancements and contributions to the project. nothing like some good old-fashion karma!